Friday, August 8, 2008

Wandering Nomad

Day 4 - 3 to go....

Today we went to Jamestown. I had every intention of seeing both Yorktown AND Jamestown today but I think my expectations were a little lofty. The bus system and I are officially friends and I feel proud of myself each time I master the route to a new destination. Here are a few things I have learned this trip that might help those of you who are traveling in the future:
1. Always, always, always carry hand sanitizer.
2. Always, always, always USE the hand sanitizer.
3. "Never eat newts at a restaraunt" (courtesy of Carmen...she's been saying it all day)
4. Colonial people were very short. If you try to stand up in a replica of one of their ships, you WILL hit your head.
5. When you see signs on ramps that say "Watch your step", they really mean it. If you don't watch your step you will take a nose dive. Yep, this happened today...I could hear Doug's voice in my head saying "No large motor functions". Yeah....
6. Theme parks have no remorse when they charge you $3.00 for a bottle of water. In fact, they look disgustingly happy about it.
7. The beds at Crowne Plaza are amazingly comfortable. If you don't set your alarm, you will sleep for 10 hours straight.
Those are the only pearls of wisdom I have so far. More to come?
So, today was fun and last night was really relaxing. Carmen insisted we turn the lights off at 9:30 so I just listened to worship music on my iPod and prayed for a looooong time. It is so nice to talk to God, FYI. He is amazing :-)
I feel really good today and I think it is because I have hit the down slope. Only three more days!!!! I can't tell you how excited I am to get back - I MISS YOU ALL!!!!!!


I miss your smile and your voice and...EVERYTHING about you. Hang in there, we'll make it okay <3 You know who you are :-)

Familia - please make sure the boys are okay. Kiss Petey and make him go to sleep...NOT in my bed :-) If I could send you a giant, squishy hugs, I SO would. Mucho love-o, bestie :-)

Lauren - I get home on Monday night. Call me. NOW. :-)

Tonight I'm watching the opening ceremonies for the Olympics. Y'all should follow suit :-)

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