Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Get ready, get set, don't go...

Last night after I logged off my blog, I set to packing. I've decided that I'm an amazing packer and I owe it entirely to my Grandmom. She taught me to roll and stuff so I can now get an incredible amount of stuff into a very small space. I think I'll add that to my resume...

I hate saying "goodbye" even if it is only for a short time. I hate it. I was pretty mopey when I woke up this morning and when I came down to the kitchen, Carmen was playing "The Dying Swan" from Swan Lake on the cd player. I thought it was morbidly appropriate for my mood.

On the shuttle bus ride to Denver, things began to perk up and I resolved to make an effort to make the most of this adventure. Both of our flights were very smooth and I have had NO PROBLEMS so far with anything. Hopefully this continues on for the next six days :-P Actually, the best part of the whole day was the flight from Atlanta to NewPort News. The sun was setting and I got a prime look at it from my place in the sky. I was listening to "Realize" on my iPod and the whole mood was part melancholy, part dramatic, and part renewal. God is an amazing God to put things like that together.

So, here I sit in the hotel room, basking in the glorious coolness that contrasts with the 86 degree weather outside (yes, folks, at 9:30 at night!!!). Tomorrow I am sleeping, sleeping, sleeping and we'll probably just relax here at the hotel. Tenative plans for Busch Gardens on Thursday. WHOOP! I think I wrenched my back on the insanely comfortable airplane seats...go figure. I'm praying it will sleep off so I'm not crippled tomorrow :-P

Hugs, everyone. I miss you already :-(
6 days to return.
6 days to enjoy.
But 6 days to count down every minute.

Loves <3

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