Wednesday, August 6, 2008


Day 2
I discovered in posting last night's blog that my internet here is spotty at best. I'll have it for 5 minutes....lose it for 3 minutes...have it for 10 minutes...lose it again.... You get the idea - it makes for fun blogging. "DARN IT!!! Lost it again!"

This morning was rough; Carmen melted and started crying. As I tried to put the pieces back together, I finally figured out that she missed her parents and she missed home. It hit me like a chord - we are exactly the same on the inside. I realized that I wanted to cry because I missed home too but that wouldn't have helped the situation at all. So my tears were internal.

Finally, we decided to have a quiet day and not do much; yesterday was SOOOOO long. It felt nice to relax and not have anything we HAD to do. We spent about 2 1/2 hours by the pool this morning enjoying the sweltering heat (I heard 94 degrees). This afternoon we just vegged and watched Superman Returns. Carmen kept telling me that Superman isn't as good as Spiderman and I had to laugh. I agree Brandon Routh doesn't hold the same appeal he has in the past...then again, there are other Supermen to take into consideration :-)

The plan for tomorrow is Busch Gardens. Pretty thrilling - people here keep saying it is a mini-Disney World. I'll try to keep my stomach in tact long enough to write tomorrow...Oh, the stories I will have :-)


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